Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Introduction to shares

Shares are given by companies as part of their ownership. The ownership will be divided into many parts and a part will be said as a share. For example, If you buy a share in a company which has given out 1 Lakh shares, you are the owner of 1/1 Lakh of that company.

If you are new to share market, you would have seen many giving recommendations in TV and also from your friends and many other websites. These are just recommendations. Just think this way, If they know the price before, they can easily make large amount of money in the market. Always believe in you and make decision for yourself or blame yourself. Don't ever try to simulate others. Try to do your own research before investing.

How can I get a share of a company?

You can get a share of the company, when it releases IPO (Initial Public Offering) or directly in the secondary market.

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