Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Igate delisting - Is it worth the bet? - Part II

I said it is worth the bet in my previous post.

For delisting, the owner should atleast have 90% of the company's share. This is not the case with Igate which has only 80.1% currently.
But it can continue with delisting process as it is approved by the shareholders.

The floor price for the delisting process is set at Rs. 288.90/- , which is the 26 day average of high and low price. The current market price is Rs. 374/-.
As I said before, there is no ceiling price and one can bid at whatever price he likes!

The price will be decided after the Reverse book building process and it is decided by the price quoted by majority of the people much similar to IPO book building.

The management then decided to carry on or cancel the de-listing process at will after the exit price is known. If the exit price is approved, then that price will be the price at which the management buy back all the shares.

If the price you quoted is greater than exit price then yours will not be bought by the company. Any way, you can sell those shares at the exit price within 6 months to the company. If you miss that bus also, your share is less valued than a normal paper!!

If you quoted less price than the exit price, yours will also be taken at the exit price. The management can play around to get lower exit price (what you will do if you were in the management side). For this, they have exercised ESOPs, Employee shares and distributed to the employees at less than 250 according to the grades. They will be more than willing to sell at the management's disposal, say Rs. 300/-.

There will be people, who will bid way higher price as they dont want to sell igate shares and it will in turn increase the exit price. The best price is certainly above Rs. 400/- and I would expect the exit price to be greater than that mark.

You can see what is the current status during the book building process itself in NSE and then decide upon your final price as each and everyone's price matter here, but not that much.

If you have not bidded but have shares, you can also sell at exit price within 6 months.

Cheers!!! Get Ahead for Igate.


  1. I still have IGATE shares with me as on 14th Dec 2007. I did not bid in the open offer made by the company between 26th and 29th Nov. Has the exit price been finalized for IGATE. I can still Trade in the Script the price today is @Rs.393.
    Should I sell it in the open market or wait if there is a chance for the stock to go up. Dont mind selling the stock at this rate but don't want to end up in a position where the stock becomes worthless.

    Can you please explain.

    thanks !!!

  2. @anon
    Thanks for posting the comment here.

    You can shed the shares to the company at the price of Rs.410/-, which is the exit price.
    But the tax part will be 20% for long term and 30% for short term.

    The letter for shedding the shares will come to you to your postal address. Then, you can shed all the shares to the company at the exit price.

  3. Hi Manickkam,

    I have not received any letter regarding this. Can you confirm if this process has already started? Is there some contact place for getting more information on this?

    Thank you for your kind help.


  4. Hi,
    I have some shares of igates. what I need to do now? to whom i need to contact to sell my shares. Appreciate your help on this.

    - Vignesh

  5. If I am not selling the shares by Aug 3rd, the last date for receiving exit price, what will happen. Can I still sell it later? Please advise