Tuesday, November 27, 2007

IGate - Delisting - Part III

Currently, the market price is going up as the delisting process is going on.The buyback will occur only at the price in which Igate can get 90% of the holdings. So, it will be quite high if some of them do not bid or put some high price. So, Putting a high price/Not bidding are almost the same. The CMP is at around Rs 392/- now.

When you are putting a high price, the exit price will be lower than your price and then you can tender your shares at the exit price at later point of time. But instead, if you prefer not to bid also, it is the same case, you can directly sell the shares to the company at the exit price. So, both of them are same...

But what happens when you are bidding at a lower price, you are actually getting down the exit price and it affects all of us. So, If you aren't sure how much it is worth it, you can see the current status of the buyback @ Buyback-Igate

So, stay out of bidding if you are in the view of bidding less. I can see some 25 shares (very meagre amount .0001%) tendered at Rs.288.90 (base price), I guess this one is from the employee of Igate to lower the exit price. So, Retail investors can just be out of the game of de-listing and you can anyway render your shares back at the exit price decided after Dec. 4.

If you haven't received your bid forms, you can ask the nearest Karvy office and the address is available in the internet at both BSE and NSE.

You should have to transfer your Igate shares to Karvy account before bidding and then you can bid directly going to the nearest Karvy centre. As said before, if you are going to bid less, don't bid at all. You will get more exit price because of that. But this is not going to change the exit price that much, if you are having very less shares. I am sure you will get more price than at least Rs.430/-.
There are some bids at Rs.600/- too :)).

Cheers!!! Enjoy minting profit in Igate.

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