Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nokia E51 WLAN Settings

Nokia E51 is a smart phone with almost all the features available in it. It looks really slim and comes in three colors. It has loads of features and highlight of them all is the connection through the Internet through WLAN.

You can get a Internet connection from the service provider and ask for the wi-fi router. With the wi-fi router, you can connect to the Internet through various other devices like Laptop, Nokia E51 etc., You will be provided with the password for the WLAN connection and only if you enter the password correctly you will be connected to the Internet through that WLAN. As you may expect, this password will be asked only when you connect to Internet through this WLAN for the very first time.

In Laptop/Computer, you have Network settings to identify and modify the settings if wrongly entered. But this is somewhat tricky in case of Nokia E51!

In Nokia E51, You have the option of Browse WLAN right at the home page for you. If you have customized for something different, use Menu -> connectivity -> WLAN Wizard.
This will give you presently available networks (if any) around you to connect.

If you did everything right in the first time, you are well placed. But there could be settings in some WLAN where the password will be changed every month. Here, you are forced to change the password even you entered the password right the first time.

You will not be allowed to access the network until you define the access point. So, automatically it will ask for the access point when you try to connect. In E51, you can enter the access point (other name for password) for the second time in two ways.

Go to Menu -> Connectivity -> conn. mgr. -> Available WLAN networks.
Find the network to define access point.
Click on Options -> Define access point
You are done.

Check now whether it works?
No. It doesn't! This seems to be a small bug in Nokia E51.

How to solve it?

Go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access Points
You can find as many access points added for each network.
Say, If you are seeing for network A, there will be A,A(1),A(2) and so on.
Delete all of them.
Try to connect to the network as if you are connecting for the first time.
It will ask for the access point, give the access point and you're done!

WLAN is one of a very cool feature available in Nokia E51. Enjoy Browsing through your phone. The browsing experience with the speed of your DSL in mobile is great!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympics Vs Cricket (applicable only in India)

The final day of the Olympics fever has come and one of the famous topic debated among the sport freaks is this one OLYMPICS Vs CRICKET especially in India.

One of the big reasons for this debate in question is Cricket is not included in Olympics. Otherwise, certainly Cricket should have been a part of a very big event called Olympics.
In India, When you consider the athletes known to people well, you will end up seeing more number of cricketers in it and because of this, cricketers get one of the biggest remuneration in India. There cannot be anyone who knows Bindra and not Sachin but the reverse can still be true. That is the mass following for cricket in India.

Certainly, Olympics is at a bigger stage compared to cricket. Olympics contains many games in it and cannot be certainly compared as such with Cricket in any other country other than India.

The other reason for the significance of Cricket over Olympics in India is the PERFORMANCE of cricket over olympics. This doesn't mean India is performing really well in cricket but really not that well in olympics. Enjoy all the jock's performance, be it on any sport.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Axis Bank - IRCTC Offer

There are many offers always available worldwide but not always useful (with most of them eye-catching discounts at perfectly wrong time)

Coming to the offer of discussion, Axis bank has come up with an offer for increasing the awareness of its VISA debit card in doing transactions online (buying and selling goods). It is not linked with IRCTC but giving Rs.50/- on the first successful transaction made on the VISA debit card (with registration between July 1st to August 31st). This amount will be remitted to your account only after a month.

Even if you are a infrequent traveler in train, you can use this IRCTC site to book tickets right at your desk. These things are of great convenience with the increase in the pace of technology. Also, You can book tickets 3 months in advance. For those riders who prefer to make the decision at the end, there is TATKAL which opens 5 days before the journey date and you can book these tickets as well in IRCTC

Here comes the funny part.
For those who are customers of AXIS bank for more than 2 years (it was called UTI Bank then), you would have got a VISA debit card without a CVV number. For those who doesn't know what is CVV, it is Card Verification Value code and it is the last 3 numbers in the back of the card. This offer requires you to book using the credit card gateways given in the IRCTC site. This credit card gateway requires CVV number, which is not available with the AXIS bank customers who were loyal for more than 2 years. This offer is not valid for those people and they have to get a new debit card from AXIS bank to avail this offer.

Finally, it's campaign ends up with AXIS bank customers who are less than 2 years old.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bindra, Sushil, Vijendar - Is there more?

A great news for all those Indians in the world.

The above three people has made us proud by winning medals in OLYMPICS 2008 in Beijing.
Shooting - Gold - Abinav Bindra - Really a Great performance.
Wrestling - Bronze - Sushil - A great news for all the wrestling fans watching TEN Sports in night ;)
Boxing - Silver or Gold - Vijendar - Again a great performance from the youngster.
Did anyone ever imagine we would get 3 (or more) medals in this Olympics? Certainly, there was no expectations from the people of India as they are used to Olympics news every four years.

This three medals for India (though beyond expectation) is considerably very less compared to the whole population of 110 million people.

There are so many youngsters waiting to be groomed and waiting to make our coutry proud. We should try and give training to those people and groom those young talent.

Kudos to those who have made our country proud by winning a medal in Olympics. Let us expect our people to win more medals in forthcoming olympics.