Friday, August 22, 2008

Axis Bank - IRCTC Offer

There are many offers always available worldwide but not always useful (with most of them eye-catching discounts at perfectly wrong time)

Coming to the offer of discussion, Axis bank has come up with an offer for increasing the awareness of its VISA debit card in doing transactions online (buying and selling goods). It is not linked with IRCTC but giving Rs.50/- on the first successful transaction made on the VISA debit card (with registration between July 1st to August 31st). This amount will be remitted to your account only after a month.

Even if you are a infrequent traveler in train, you can use this IRCTC site to book tickets right at your desk. These things are of great convenience with the increase in the pace of technology. Also, You can book tickets 3 months in advance. For those riders who prefer to make the decision at the end, there is TATKAL which opens 5 days before the journey date and you can book these tickets as well in IRCTC

Here comes the funny part.
For those who are customers of AXIS bank for more than 2 years (it was called UTI Bank then), you would have got a VISA debit card without a CVV number. For those who doesn't know what is CVV, it is Card Verification Value code and it is the last 3 numbers in the back of the card. This offer requires you to book using the credit card gateways given in the IRCTC site. This credit card gateway requires CVV number, which is not available with the AXIS bank customers who were loyal for more than 2 years. This offer is not valid for those people and they have to get a new debit card from AXIS bank to avail this offer.

Finally, it's campaign ends up with AXIS bank customers who are less than 2 years old.

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