Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympics Vs Cricket (applicable only in India)

The final day of the Olympics fever has come and one of the famous topic debated among the sport freaks is this one OLYMPICS Vs CRICKET especially in India.

One of the big reasons for this debate in question is Cricket is not included in Olympics. Otherwise, certainly Cricket should have been a part of a very big event called Olympics.
In India, When you consider the athletes known to people well, you will end up seeing more number of cricketers in it and because of this, cricketers get one of the biggest remuneration in India. There cannot be anyone who knows Bindra and not Sachin but the reverse can still be true. That is the mass following for cricket in India.

Certainly, Olympics is at a bigger stage compared to cricket. Olympics contains many games in it and cannot be certainly compared as such with Cricket in any other country other than India.

The other reason for the significance of Cricket over Olympics in India is the PERFORMANCE of cricket over olympics. This doesn't mean India is performing really well in cricket but really not that well in olympics. Enjoy all the jock's performance, be it on any sport.


  1. Hmm.. I donno how such comparisons can be made between an event & a game!!

    Twenty-twenty Cricket is expected to debut in 2020 Olympics!!

    Any new game to be included in Olympics has to be registered some 7 or 8 years before itself I guess..

  2. Well., a good thought and write up :) but hardly practical though..

    A couple of thoughts from my end..
    * Cricket is not as famous in all countries.
    * In fact, its just 16-20 countries that have any cricketing history at all.
    * Cricket is traditionally a longer game and requires larger real estate and consumes time quite unlike other events.

    I realise from the heading that we are viewing this from an Indian perspective, but we can hardly have any influence on the centre-stage of Olympics.

  3. @mighty titan
    You seem to realise the heading only at the end of your comment ;-)

    Twenty20 has been registered for Olympics but I am not sure when is it going to go live.