Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Chrome - First Look

I downloaded Google chrome and using it for the past few days.

Google chrome is the new browser just released by Google, which is going to compete against the giants Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Recently released Firefox 3.0 made records in downloads.
Google chrome released its BETA version recently as a open source only for WINDOWS Operating system to get some quick feedback.

A quick snapshot of Google chrome is here.

Really Good things about Google Chrome:

(1) No Browser Crash Anymore :
When you open many sites in the browser, it might cause it to act slow or crash sometimes. The crash sometimes happen when it downloads some data recursively or some large data or for numerous other reasons. Yesterday, I was using Google chrome. I opened a page which had some flash page running and it was actually crashed! But it didn't crash the whole browser. Yeay!!! I love it...
Actually, it displayed that there was something crashed in all the other windows without crashing the whole browser.

(2) Google Touch :
There is a Google touch in here. A browser from web developer's cabin. It shows Loading page at the bottom.

(3) Get the cached page :
Sometimes the site you are looking may be down. The world's best search engine would have caught it just before it was down and it will give you that cached page from Google.

(4) Great Look :
I should rather say, Different look. The new page shows the snapshot of frequently opened pages. It also shows 'Recently closed pages' and 'Recently Bookmarked Pages'. Also, the tabs are opened at the top of the page. The new tabs are opened just near the page unlike Firefox which is worthwhile to mention here.

Few Enhancements I would really like to see:

(1) Much faster loading of the page. We don't compromise on speed any time and this doesn't mean it is slower than its counterparts.
(2) Error Console for debugging. This would be of great help to Web developers. I think its getting ready for the release.
(3) Beware, when you close the window with many tabs in it, it just closes it without any word. May be a word of caution would do good.
(4) There is no Menu bar. This may affect those who are used to Menus!

It is great move from Google to get the browser with so many products.
Want to get this browser right now - Click here

Finally, I am writing my first post using 'Google Chrome' Browser!


  1. >> (1) No Browser Crash Anymore

    Not exactly. It does crash when many tabs are being open. Okay, fine its in beta.. Still, due to separate process for each tabs, it does hog much CPU..

    And image loading isn't that fast as well..

    I'm for now with FF3 :P

  2. At least we are going to encounter less browser crash :)

    From 'chrome' developers, it is supposed to work well for loading images, videos etc.,

    Few of the well established plug-ins doesn't work with FF3! Hope they are also coming with some solution.

    Certainly, Google Chrome is a good competent for IE and FF.