Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Avail the benefits of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

We have many mutual funds in the industry with varied products and options. There is no doubt you can be in a dilemma on what to choose and what not to and there are so many sites to guide on that front. This post is not meant for that.

This is about Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) that gives you the advantages of mutual funds with the liquidity of the market.

one kind of product given by Mutual funds is Index Fund and it tracks the index closely. The Annual Maintenance Charge for such a fund will be as low as 0.75% (compared to 2.25% in all other mutual fund products). Other than that there will be few more charges. ETFs can be compared to these products in Mutual fund arena.

Exchange Traded Funds are the mutual funds traded in the exchange (ex., Nifty Stock Exchange (NSE)) and it gives you the following benefits on availing it.
Absolutely no Annual maintenance fee.
Great liquidity.
No Exit fees or lock-in period.

There is absolutely no AMC for these mutual funds. It is considered more like a stock where you need to pay your brokerage and can buy or sell at any point of time.

NIFTY BEES is a particular ETF from Benchmark Mutual fund and it is actually tracking NIFTY so closely with its own automatic algorithm. So, If you think Nifty is going to go high, then you can put in your money and buy NIFTY BEES. This has the benefits of mutual fund as the risk is distributed across all the sectors that NIFTY consists of.

There is one ETF called LIQUID BEES and it is also a product from Benchmark Mutual fund. This is actually a debt fund that invests in various debt opportunities available and gives about 5-6% returns. It will be credited to you as shares and the share price remains the same. Each share costs Rs. 1000/- now and you can buy / sell at any point of time. This was introduced to get interest on the money which is left without being invested for the short term but present with the brokerage firm.

But there is something you need to look for while buying LIQUID BEES. Some brokerage houses don't charge any brokerage for it and only then it is beneficial for you. The advantage is it gains interest for you even for two days. Please have a chat with brokerage house and find out whether they really don't charge any brokerage for buying LIQUID BEES. For one, I know, Sharekhan does charge brokerage for this LIQUID BEES. Then its worthless to consider those 5-6% p.a interest for brokerage percentage and its better to avoid this in that case.

There are many Exchange traded funds coming in the market and its due to get popular among the masses inspite of its various advantages.

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