Thursday, January 21, 2010

Health Insurance - Importance and Benefits

Health insurance has become a need of the hour and everybody is really taking it next to Life Insurance, knowing the importance of it or without knowing it!

But, What I found mostly is everyone who is working in the corporate sector are covered already by the company by a Group Mediclaim Policy by the Company itself and they are not interested in taking up another policy and they find it waste of money. Their question is why should I take the policy outside as I am already covered by my company?

The value of taking a separate mediclaim policy lies in the following factors :
(1) when you shift your company often
(2) To support all the people in your family
(3) In this era, no amount you can say is enough for your health coverage. May be you can apply for a separate mediclaim for higher coverage.

Many of the companies are now giving Health Insurance and some of the companies like Apollo DKV is giving coverage till the lifetime, which can be availed off. Some of the companies give the coverage for the maternity but some doesn't. Even if they cover for the maternity, they would have the cap of Rs. 50,000/-.

So, Its better to judge before to get the health insurance plan and its the need of the hour after the life insurance.

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