Friday, March 18, 2011

WC2011 and India - Predictor

In WC 2011, Just finished watching Sri Lanka Vs NewZealand and Srilanka was all over Newzealand and they were never in the game. Even though, Most of them expect Pakistan and Australia to be a close contest, I don't think it would be one. Lets wait and watch. By the way, I want to predict the results of WC 2011 Quarters-
Group A
Sri Lanka

England had all their nail-biting close matches and managed to pull off a draw against the mighty (:)) ) Indians and win against WI and SA and lost against two minnows they faced.

Group B
South Africa
West Indies

Results - India would win against West Indies. South Africa would win against Bangladesh.

So, Now into the Quarter results to identify the Semi-Finalists.

Australia vs WestIndies - Australia
India Vs Newzealand - India

England Vs Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka
South Africa Vs Pakistan - South Africa

Now the Semi-Finals to identify the Finalists.

Australia Vs India - India (Of course, I am an Indian :) )
Sri Lanka vs South Africa - South Africa.

And the finals,

South Africa vs India - India (The revenge game :-))

India gets the cup this time anyway!! :)

Ohh!! There will be no India vs Pakistan match this World cup!!

The above prediction just got missed and still we have only few teams left. This all started with Australia losing to Pakistan and ended up at the third place in Group B waiting to face the mighty Indians.

1st Semi-finals: India Vs Pakistan (India will win this one)
2nd Semi-Finals: Sri Lanka Vs NewZealand (Sri Lanka would win this game)

WC2011 Grand final: India vs Sri Lanka (India would win and get the cup that really counts!!!)

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