Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dhoni and the golden urn

It seems Dhoni has a special feeling towards the golden urn. Suddenly, all is well when it ends well.
Dhoni had a dream run in World T20 to secure that he has world renowned leadership and the nerve within him to secure the gold. And then, much fame came to him as a captain of CSK (Chennai Super Kings) in IPL 3 and it moved leaps and bounds within India and won the cup for CSK against Sachin. People even accepted it with a smile.

Then, even in Champions League gold followed him. Now, he was in with much renowned batting line-up as the favorites for the world cup 2011 and everyone chipped in bits and parts at some part of the game to MAKE IT HAPPEN. In the league games, there were some hiccups and they proved themselves champions after they beat all the much famed teams in Quarters to Finals.

Some of the decisions were breath-taking and has to be taken at that level. Dhoni knows what he is doing when he took three seamers against Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Semi Finals and Finals of such a big tournament, which can really back fire, given that your strength is spin. Dhoni would say the opposition strength also lies in playing spin and I wouldn't feed them with getting my spinner. Dhoni proved how he is right against Sri Lanka, by playing out Muralidharan and Randiv without giving a wicket to them. But it was a different case against Pakistan, Afridi was given many a chance with Sachin, but their fielders were never up to mark to catch it and Dhoni felt bad for not reading the pitch correctly. Having this kind of side and getting that kind of fielding performance would be because of the coach and certainly captain would have a role to play.

And, last but not the least, he came and performed in the finals of the world cup tournament, when it really mattered and was there till the very end. Not to forget the poor start by the famed opening pair and things were really going good for sri lanka. Coming in at the right time and playing a captain's innings you got to have IT in you and Dhoni has IT. Its official now. Dhoni is now the successful captain of Team India and its not the luck factor alone that has favoured him. He was not like Kamran dropping catches like anything and giving some facial expressions.

Sri Lanka were having few odds favouring them. Side playing first won 9 out of 11 games in a world cup final and its really hard to chase down a total. The highest total that was chased down in a world cup final match previously was never this high. Also, Sri Lanka and India have faced 6 times before in World cup matches and only 2 times India have been able to beat them. Dhoni was always playing completely different for the past one year and completely out of form. Even during this tournament before the final, his highest score in the tournament was only 30 or so. May be, it was because he didn't get a chance to play in some of the matches and in some, he was not good enough. Also, he has created a new kind of shots other than helicopter shot like dancing down the track and defending shot - A peculiar shot played really well by dhoni. Only the spectator will be kept gazing whether he will be IN the very next ball.

But will all the above odds favoring Sri Lanka and with those two quick wickets of those great gems, it would have been a cake walk for Sri Lanka except for this man in the middle. DHONI getting his form back right in the slot. He has the urge for the golden urn for the team, specially for Sachin. Sachin, what a man he has been this long for the country and he really deserves this cup for sure. Dhoni and his boys were a pleasure to watch all along.

Cheers India. Congratulations Team India and Dhoni. Continue your journey.

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