Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tendulkar and India

Not very long back, It was Tendulkar who took India on his shoulders right through for more than 20 years. There was some days when Opposition team will get control over team India completely once Sachin Tendulkar gets out. But its never the case anymore. It doesn't mean we don't need the master anymore in our team. We do need him for his strokes and occasional mastery words. But our batting order has reached more resilient with him and looks good even without him as well. Its good for the future of the Indian cricket.

Is it the time for Sachin to retire?
Its never the time to retire for the master unless he himself calls it for. Its not for the media or Greg Chappell to predict but leave it to the great man. Let him play until he enjoys playing and he will call it a day when he think its right!

Tendulkar has been part of 33 winnning matches in his 48 centuries. Even though, one would say, 13 on 48 centuries were on the losing cause, it was for establishing pride for the country against some good teams and conditions, that are never easy for batting. Never to forget those nervous 90's that has sailed India home about few years back.

For those stats savvy people, there was a post I recently came across from a blog that I follow and I couldn't do more justice than the one given below,

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