Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chennai are Champions again

Its yellow everywhere. And its Dhoni magic working so well these days!

This year's IPL was not so encouraging for many people around India. Reasons being,
(1) Players shifting from one team to another team
(2) Too much cricket
(3) Cricket Fans Fatigue (Yeah!! We too are tired)

Probably, Because of the amount of turnout for watching Sachin and Dhoni in all the matches they are playing, they are asked to play even if they are tired. Now, they are expected to take rest in the upcoming WI series, giving way to the youngsters.

Yes! Dhoni has the golden charm to do it again and has repeated it for Chennai. Good to see them win all their 8 matches this time and coming good this convincingly this year.

Happy for Chennai :)

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