Saturday, March 16, 2013

Google Reader alternative Feedly

Google has always been the front runner on creating new and exciting products. Even though they come up with lot of good products, I believe they sometimes close down some of their good products unnecessarily.

When Google search came with a bang and captured most of the search market, it innovated many other new and better products not restricting itself to search engine alone. This gave way to them as a market leader in innovation (probably, Apple and Google fight here for the throne).
Google has a bad habit of forcing the change on customers. Gmail, one of the best mail available in the market today, has always changed itself according to the company's vision. It would have been better if Google had provided the 'customize' option on Gmail to have it configured according to what they like by giving some options. On a funny note, one should be happy that, at least, its alive.

Google announced its going to phase out Google Reader from July 1, 2013. Feedly is the perfect replacement for the Google Reader. It integrates seamlessly and there is complete assurance that it gets all the Google Reader data directly once you give the permission for it access your Google Reader. Also, it has a feature of auto-syncing the changes to you do in Google Reader and Feedly. Also, it has its mobile version, apps, dashboard look and the best of all, the classic look of Google Reader.

I am really disappointed with Google Reader being dumped by Google. As Google User(s), We should always be ready and willing to move away from any of the Google Products. It phased out iGoogle, the dashboard of widgets sometime back and its Reader this time.

Which Google Product(s) you love the most and wouldn't want google to dump it ever. Give it in your comments. Also, Share whether Feedly or any other RSS Feed Reader solved your Google Reader problem. Happy to hear.

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