Monday, March 18, 2013

Market Leader Samsung

Couple of years back, the word "Samsung" always reminded me of the beautiful Home Appliances (read TVs, Air Conditioners and Fridges). But, it has also become one of the market leaders in Mobiles, Accessories and also Laptops. This leadership in other avenues have always come along with their prime home appliances growth as well.

About three months back, I wanted to upgrade my 5 years old desktop. And I was in a shock to find most of the accessories had the option of Samsung in it (except the mother-board and processor, of course). When I tried to find the best option for internal hard disk, Samsung has created a good presence there.

After the Samsung Galaxy series came into existence, it has grown to market leadership in India. The recent S4 as per the release has many good features and is comparable to iPhone. Nokia, once a leader in India, has completely lost the battle against Samsung in recent times. 

One of the main reasons on why Samsung is preferred over other brands is because of its customer service. I bought a Micromax phone once about three years back. I used it for 6 months and its battery didn't charge after about 8 months. I struggled to find the service center for Micromax and lost faith in its brand.

Samsung is present in more places that it was seen couple of years back for sure. See the attached screenshot of for the keyword "Samsung"

On a final note, I am happy to share that, I recently bought the Samsung flagship phone - Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. I will experience it for say couple of months before pitching in to writing an review for it. Its great at the first looks.

Let me know about your experience with Samsung brands. How was it? Was it great or pathetic. Happy to hear.

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