Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mom is so special

Motherly love is beyond comparison. There is a saying that - "God cannot be there for all of them. So, he created mom". There is a great truth in that. All the mothers in the world love their children and want to give whatever they want.

My mom is so special. She gave love, provided care and taught good and bad. She was really fun-loving and enjoys comedy a lot. She laughs and make others laugh with her words. She is a role-model in many ways. She gets up even before the sun rises and gets all the required things for us on time. She knows where things are in the house and helps everyone - from my father to my brother in getting their things.  She was kind and lived for us. There are no words to explain her love.

My mom is so special. When my father had Jaundice (Manjal Kamalai), my mom helped him to recover faster. During my campus interview days, I told, I am planning to move out of Chennai for my job. My mom immediately said "you need to move places far away as well, if required, to make money" and was helping me to make that decision faster. When my sister gave birth to her son, mom was there as a pillar of support. Even though my mom's uterus was removed during the same time, she was confident. Her great attitude helped her to recover faster. She helped my sister and her son all the day. 

My mom is so special. She encouraged everyone to bring the best out of any person. She managed to do this all the day. She believed that her younger son can become a banker and he is now. My father was really caring for my mom. They were really made for each other is an understatement.

I lost my mom due to heart-attack about a year back and I am still missing her. My mom is so special. I miss you, Mom.

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