Tuesday, July 30, 2013

29th state in India - Telangana

Andhra Pradesh is a state that was formed on linguistic basis as having people speaking Telugu. Telangana, Royalaseema and Coastal Andhra were part of Andhra Pradesh. Telengana is fighting for its own statehood for a long period of time. Today, Congress Working Committee (CWC) announced the approval for the formation of a new state called Telengana state. Hyderabad would be a common capital for both Telengana and Andhra Pradesh for atleast next 10 years. The new state will be formed after the resolution is formed in the parliament, probably, in the next 4-5 months.

Are Telengana people excited?
Mostly, Yes. But they would be really excited if Hyderabad was made their capital and Andhra Pradesh was made to create its own capital.

Are other Andhra people happy?
No. They still think this should not have happened. They are worried about the future of their people in Hyderabad and the future of Hyderabad as such.

Is this really true? Everyone agreed?
Yes. Its hard to believe. But its indeed true. There has been times when Congress said Telengana cannot be formed and a commission will be put to analyze the Pros and Cons and no steps were taken for a long time. Congress, know to be a silent observer and usually doesn't involve in making bold decisions, has made this bold decision through the CWC. We have to wait and see how the resolution in the parliament goes for the formation of the new state.

Future of Hyderabad:
Hyderabad belongs to the Telengana regions. The development of Hyderabad happened because it was the capital of entire Andhra Pradesh. All the people in all the regions of Andhra has helped in developing Hyderabad and making this as an important capital. Both Telengana and Andhra as different states, would like to own Hyderabad. Hyderabad has stalled in creating new developments in the past few years due to political instability. There were no big developments. This city also has faced numerous threats and few areas are always in red alert. When Hyderabad is owned by both Telengana and Andhra, more problems is likely to be created. It is possible that people from Andhra would move into Telengana as usual and take up positions in Hyderabad. But new developments is most likely to be stalled. Time being the great healer, would help in Hyderabad's cause and brings new developments to happen in future.

Other Views:
Most of the people in Telengana itself also believes that United Andhra Pradesh would do more good than separating it to two states. This will cause more bifurcation in other states, which asks for their new state.

As such, this was never an easy decision to make for Congress. They may have been opportunistic to come up with the announcement just before the election time.

Do comment on your views.

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