Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to find the best engineering college

There are about 520 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu that are affiliated to Anna University. Most of the parents wants their children to become a doctor or engineer. The counsel ling for all the engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University started from 21-Jun-13 and happening till 26-July-2013 as per the schedule in here

Because of sheer number of colleges and the number of students coming out every year, the engineering stream has completely lost its sheen for those students coming from average colleges. Most of south Indians invest heavily on education of their children. There should be some amount of analysis that should be put in as college is one of the important phase in everyone's life.

Students should understand their needs and check if the college satisfies everything that they are looking for. Some of the important parameters that can be used for analysis is provided below. This is no particular order and the priority differs for each student based on their background.

- Fees
- Placements
- Discipline
- Course
- Accommodation and Travel
- Infrastructure and Facilities
- Professors and Lecturers
- cut-off marks

The cut-off marks along with the list of colleges that was opted by students last year is made available in the link - http://annauniversitybe.info/TNEA-2012/. Please note that there will certainly be some changes this year and this cut-off marks wouldn't repeat in the same way. This will just act as a guide.

Shortlist few of engineering colleges according to the needs mentioned above. Then, interact with the alumni, students and college officials by visiting them in person before the counsel ling starts. The alumni and students of the college can help in giving the right picture of their college. The expectations will be set clear.

There are some engineering colleges offering management quota seats. According to the needs, if one wants to get into a college that is already filled in counsel ling, one can opt for management quota. Here as well, its advisable to meet up with students and their parents to set the expectations right.

Please provide your comments on your experience in getting into the engineering college.

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