Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why is Health Insurance important?

we saw the importance and benefits of Health insurance here.

Now, we will see practical examples and for whom it will save their life.

Scenario 1:
Person A depends on his daily income for his living. He saves around 2 lakhs in 3 years and goes in a two-wheeler to his office daily. He is a acting driver and his aim to become a owner of his vehicle and run it under a call taxi company for the next few years before starting a company like that (probably). But, all of a sudden, he met with a road accident, when he was driving his two wheeler and his hospital bill came to 1.8 Lakhs.

The worst part he didn't have any health insurance but had bike insurance which covered his bike and his bike was covered in his insurance and he had lot of ENDOWMENT policies from LIC.

If he had term insurance policies, he would have used the some part of money towards health insurance and remaining money towards mutual funds.

Scenario 2:
Person B is working in a private concern. He is a consultant there and doesn't usually get any coverage. Person C is a student and their parents are ill all of a sudden. Person B's mother had to undergo a costly operation immediately, which costed her more than Rs.1 lakh, which costed him not only pain in the heart but also the financial pain.

If he was financially aware of these things, he could have easily averted the above case.

The above scenarios are really true scenarios happening around the world in our day-to-day lives.
Have you met similar scenarios in your life. Did you find Health insurance important at any point of time? Have you advised anyone to take it?

Let me know your comments.

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