Friday, December 23, 2011

De-regulation of Savings Bank interest rate

RBI has de-regulated the savings bank interest rates. It really means that now any bank can give any interest rate in the savings bank account.

Because of this, banks are reacting in different ways. Using this in positive manner and giving more interest for the customers to attract more depositors and others increasing the rates to avoid people moving away from them and few others doing nothing.

Yes Bank - Raised the interest rate from 4% to 6% and recently to 7% now.
For those having amount less than 1 Lakh, it is 6% and more than that it is 7%.

Kotak Bank - Raised the interest rate from 4% to 6%
For those having amount less than 1 Lakh it is 5.5% and more than that it is 6%. They also have the sweep in account, which is nothing to do with this RBI step.

HDFC Bank - Introduced many charges. Particularly Rs. 500/- for closing down your account.

Most other banks (ICICI, Axis, SBI) - Hasn't done anything. Remains with the 4%.

First, It is not recommended to just move your savings bank account for few higher basis points interest. It just doesn't make any sense. Also, I don't find any reason for people having large amount of money sitting idle in the savings bank, except if its absolute need in the short term and you don't think of the interest rates at that time.

Already, the FD rates are de-regulated and almost all banks are having close rates. The scenario here will be no different soon. Also, you don't have any clue on when the raised interest rates on the banks will be reduced again. They have the right!

Given almost all banks also have the sweep-in account (automatically moves part of the savings bank account above a threshold automatically into a FD), it is of little importance that these interest rates are de-regulated.

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