Saturday, December 3, 2011

One Minute Manager - Sharing and Review

One Minute Manager is all about finding the manager with perfect managing and leading skills and the 'secrets' behind his managing style in his own words.

The first and important secret:
- Setting Goals - One Minute Goals
It is important to know what the person really is behind to know whether he is performing well. In the marketing world, it is targets set. In the programming world, it is the success of the project or the component that the client want within the deadline. It is important to set the goals upfront in all the means in a broad way to understand what are the requirements of him/her in this role as a responsibility.

The Second and Third Secret go hand in hand.
- One Minute Praising (Second Secret)
This involves catching people doing something RIGHT towards their assigned task. Once they find, praise them honestly and give your opinion as how important he is to your organization. This praising re-assure him to do well in future. Make sure not to praise him for the same achievement again. This will make him do more to get the praising from the manager he is trying to emulate.

- One Minute Reprimand (Third Secret)
So, what would you do when you find something going wrong. Analyse the situation and identify the root cause of the problem. After solving the hot problem in front, Reprimand the person who caused the situation. Being honest with people around you accept this behavior and wouldn't want to be a person to be reprimanded next time. Reprimanding is a skill and it is best understood only if you practice well. It should be done immediately after the issue and the person involved in it  (instead of waiting for the review, which happens once/twice a year) and assure him about his importance in the company and what you think of him in the end. The final assurance is to make sure that you are against his behavior (which caused this issue) and not him as a person. The final assurance should also be in a such a way that he should trust his skills and make sure that kind of issue shouldn't happen again.

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This is one of the best management books available and is well worth the read.

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